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Blue Jays should pick John Schneider as their next skipper

John Schneider is without a shadow of a doubt the best man for the manager job in Toronto.

Through all the talk with the Blue Jays and their recent skipper jobs that need to be filled, I have noticed that John Schneider appears to be overlooked by many fans and writers. But I think he is the right man for the job, for a various number of reasons.

The team needs a new young coach who reflects the players on the team.

Looking at the Blue Jays, they are going through a transition in which the team is going to see many, new young faces come up and start for the team. With names like Bichette, Guerrero, Biggio, and many more coming up, Schneider reflects that. Schneider reflects that. He’s 38-years-old, which would make him easier to relate to the players. There are still people in the MLB playing who are older than him. Don’t think that makes him inexperienced.

His experience.

Schneider has 10 years of managing experience in the minor leagues. He’s compiled a total record

of 349-334. Not only that but in four of those years, he has led the team he was coaching to the finals, winning two and one ending in a no contest due to hurricane Irma last year. The most important experience he has though is something that Eric Wedge, Stubby Clapp, or any other manager in the leagues don’t. He has managed the future of the Blue Jays. He knows them, he’s led them to success by winning the Eastern League Championship a month ago. And not just winning, dominating. They swept both rounds, oh and might I add they didn’t have Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in their line up at all.

He’s a players coach.

Schneider might be one of the better candidates to help out with team chemistry. Since he’s so young and can relate to the future generations, he will help with team chemistry. Not only that, but the players who will be coming up in the next couple of years will be comfortable with him and already trusting him to make the right decisions. He knows the best way to play them to their strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t think this makes Schneider unmotivated and unable to push his players to be better. There have been incidents where he’s felt his team was too comfortable with playing poorly, so he removed comforts in the clubhouse like couches and games. He’s good for chemistry and to push the team to be better.

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John Schneider is easily the best man for the job in my opinion. He’s worked his way up the Blue Jays system and Toronto needs someone who is young and ambitious like he is. As a coach Schneider has found a tremendous amount of success for himself, all these factors make him the best man for the job.

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