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Bring Back Powder Blue Jerseys for Spring Training

The Toronto Blue Jays currently have some of the nicest jerseys in all of baseball. Whether it’s the classic white’s, road grey’s, or third blue’s, you really can’t go wrong when choosing a Blue Jays jersey to call your own.

The Blue Jays spring training jersey looks similar to their third blue jersey, with the Florida spring training logo added, and player names removed. I think they look great, but I also wouldn’t buy one. Why?

If I was looking to shell out that kind of cash, I’d always lean towards a regular season jersey if the two looked the same.

So that begs the question. Are the Toronto Blue Jays spring training jerseys in need of a refresh?

Now lets not go all doom and gloom thinking I am advocating for anything besides a classic Blue Jays logo or colours.  There will be no mention of black jerseys here.

However, there is an opportunity for Blue Jays management to shake things up and inject a new item on Blue Jays fans Christmas lists.

There seems to be a trend happening with retro logos and colour schemes making a comeback in sports jerseys. The Chicago White Sox used their classic logo on an all black spring training uniforms for 2018, and they looked sharp!

Here is a display of the 2018 spring training jerseys for all MLB teams @thesportsgallery

As you may notice, there are quite a few teams who wear spring training jerseys that do not look like their regular season jerseys, most notably were the Braves, Yankees, Rays, Royals, and Twins. They all see the additional revenue that can be made from creating a new jersey for the fans like myself who are jersey crazed.

Could there be a way for the Blue Jays to bring back their powdered blue past, even just for the spring?

The last time the Blue Jays wore their powder blue jerseys was from the 2008-2010 seasons for “Flashback Friday’s”. Older Jays fans will remember that the Blue Jays wore their powder blue jerseys from 1977-1988 for the first 11 seasons of their existence.  They were pull over jerseys with the original Blue Jays logo centered. I think there is an opportunity to re-design these jerseys to fit both the classic feel, while honouring the past.

Personally I like this fan inspired version shown here from @TheSportGallery:

I think this shows that it can be possible to have a powder blue jersey with the Blue Jays logo over the chest, and have it look both classic and new at the same time. Although I would still like to see it in a button down.

Sportsnet writer @Taoofstieb would agree tweeting out weeks ago:

Whatever Jays management decides to do, they shouldn’t touch the regular season jerseys. They are pristine as-is.

Yet the possibility for more great Jays jerseys makes me wonder.

Next: Who is Carson Cistulli and why was he hired?

What do you think Jays Journal readers, should the  Blue Jays consider updating their spring training jerseys?

Show your love (or hate) for the powder blue’s in the comments.

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