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Could Jose Bautista be a realistic managerial option?

The Toronto Blue Jays managerial rumour mill is in full swing with a plethora of potential candidates being thrown around, well here is another one for you, how about Jose Bautista?

Initially, it may seem laughable but when you actually sit and think about it, Bautista possesses all the attributes the Blue Jays brain trust is seeking from a new manager. There is no denying his competitiveness and desire to win, while also being forward thinking and a student of the game.

Bautista is bilingual being a native of the Dominican Republic and knows the inside workings of the Blue Jays organization better than anyone. He has rockstar status north of the border and is respected among his peers and would have the ear of every young impressionable player in the room.

During the Ross Atkins presser a few days earlier, the General Manager opined that he was looking for a manager who is tough, smart and passionate and who would be an organizational leader and spokesperson. Those traits pretty much sum up the very fabric of Jose Bautista.

With father time catching up to Joey Bats, you would have to assume the “Bat Flip King” would at least consider returning to Toronto in a managerial role. There is no question Bautista and his family enjoyed their time here and Bautista still has numerous business ventures int the city.

Although Bautista has no formal managerial experience, he does have 1798 major league games under his belt and another 433 at the minor league ranks. The 37-year old would often be seen mentoring and providing insight to players in the dugout while he was a member of the Blue Jays.

In closing, there is nobody who wants to win on a baseball field and in life more than Jose Bautista. He is a leader, through and through and was the face of the franchise for many years. Joey Bats single-handedly put baseball back on the map in Canada.

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Jose Bautista- Manager of your 2019 Toronto Blue Jays, It doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea now does it?

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