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News of the Weird: Dec. 6, 2018

Weird T-E-X-A-S

Katherine Leigh Mehta, 26, of Arlington, Texas, accepted a gig to photograph a wedding at The Springs Event Venue in Weatherford on Nov. 24. But, she became the star of the show when guests discovered her having sex with one of the wedding attendees at the venue, according to WSRZ Radio. A security guard summoned Parker County Sheriff’s deputies, who found Mehta yelling by a fountain on the property, according to their report. She then walked to a tree and urinated. She was recorded as well, screaming: “Y’all families will be dead by Christmas! Y’alls daughters are dead! My dad is gonna find out about this, and y’all are dead… D-E-A-D!” At the jail, officers found a bottle of anxiety pills, which they believe she mixed with alcohol, causing her erratic behavior.

Pill-oried Policeman

Richard Langely, 46, of Kansas City, Mo., was working part-time for the Platte Woods Police Department in October when he decided to take part in the department’s drug take-back program. Except, according to court documents, Langely wasn’t disposing of drugs; instead, he was helping himself to the pills he had been collecting. And, to make matters worse, the Kansas City Star reported, his own body camera captured evidence enabling prosecutors to charge him with felony theft of a controlled substance.

Waffles, Half Off!

Wesley Bost, 27, of Birmingham, Ala., made quite the impression when he fell through the ceiling of a Waffle House in Tuscumbia on Nov. 4—not least because he wasn’t wearing pants. Bost apparently went into the restaurant’s bathroom and used his pants to tie the door shut; then, said Tuscumbia police Detective Sgt. Wes Holland, Bost climbed into the ceiling with the intent of robbing the office. WHNT News reported that video of the incident shows Bost shoving other restaurant patrons on his way to the door, which was being held shut by people outside, before hitting the door with his shoulder and falling to the floor. Finally, he managed to flee, sans trousers, which held his wallet and driver’s license.

Making His Case

It happens all the time: A vehicle crashes into a building, causing damage and sometimes injury, because brakes don’t function or a driver steps on the wrong pedal. In the case of Keith Rio Cavalier, 28, however, there was more to the story. WLOX reported that Cavalier drove his 1997 Toyota Tacoma into a glass wall at the Harrison County Courthouse in Gulfport, Miss., on Nov. 10. The building was empty, so there were no injuries. When police caught up to him, Cavalier told them he intentionally struck the building in order to report drug paraphernalia had been stolen from him. Shockingly, Cavalier was found to have been driving under the influence.

Latest Weevil News

Former Toronto Blue Jays star José Bautista has another honor to add to his résumé, thanks to entomologist Bob Anderson of the Canadian Museum of Nature. On Nov. 22, reported the Associated Press, Anderson named a newly discovered species of beetle after the star third baseman and right fielder. Sicoderus bautistai is a small, black weevil found in the Dominican Republic, from where Bautista hails. “I thought, what a great way to kind of recognize (Bautista’s) contributions to Blue Jays baseball and to Canadian baseball, really, as a whole,” said Anderson.

Gellatly Doesn’t Go Lightly

Suspected car prowler Isaiah Gellatly, 31, of Vancouver, Wash., was going about his business late on Nov. 19 when the police were called, according to Fox12 News. Responding officers found Gellatly reclining in the driver’s seat of a Honda Accord matching the suspect vehicle’s description. Suddenly, Gellatly sat up and sped away, leading to a high-speed pursuit and the use of spike strips. As the car slowed and swayed, Gellatly opened his door to flee, forgetting to put the Honda in park; it rolled alongside him as he ran. He attempted to cross in front of it when it first struck a tree and then a building, breaking Gellatly’s legs. Inside the Honda, police found the stolen items that all the fuss was about: a tennis racket, a Ping-Pong paddle and a 1980s Texas Instruments calculator.



Dec. 04, 2018

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