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Reactions to the John Gibbons news

Broadcasters, writers, fans, and players expressed support for the Blue Jays skipper after the announcement that he would not be returning as manager next season.

John Gibbons is, above all else, an incredibly likable human being. A witty, fun baseball mind, Gibby has endeared himself to a bevy of folks in the Blue Jays inner circle. Many of them shared some of their favourite John Gibbons moments this past week.

Jamie Campbell of Sportsnet, who formerly served as the play-by-play man for the Blue Jays, tweeted his support for Gibby, noting that he’s “a warm, kind man”. The Wednesday edition of Blue Jays Central on Sportsnet was a tribute to the laid-back Texan.

Kristin Smoak, the wife of Justin, affectionately praised Gibby on Twitter, saying that he “always put his players [and their] families first”, further mentioning that he “would stop and take time to ask personal questions relating to our family”.

Jenn Smith of Baseball Prospectus Toronto told a heartwarming story on Twitter of her first, nerve-filled interaction with John Gibbons, alluding once again to his kindness and friendly personality in the clubhouse:

Maple Leaf legend Doug Gilmour thanked Gibby on Twitter, while Michael Kay of YES applauded Gibby for his wit, openness and baseball smarts in a longer message, also on Twitter:

Sid Seixeiro of Sportsnet, John Lott of the Athletic Toronto and former Blue Jay J.P. Arencibia all thanked Gibby for the same qualities mentioned above:

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Finally, in an awesome action, Toronto mayor John Tory proclaimed September 26 as “John Gibbons Day” in the city of Toronto, further reinforcing the monumental impact Gibby had on this city. In the release, Tory called Gibbons a “player’s manager” who has “earned the respect of his colleagues and Blue Jays fans in Toronto and all across Canada”. Gibby is, in many ways, the best.

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