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Toronto Blue Jays

Why Scott Boras’ comments shouldn’t be taken seriously

Toronto Blue Jays

At the MLB General Managers Meetings, star agent Scott Boras took aim at the Toronto Blue Jays and other teams for how their team construction has led to a drop in attendance.

When MLB teams hold their annual General Managers Meetings, agent Scott Boras has made it a point to provide his opinions on the state of the game. The Toronto Blue Jays were one of the teams discussed in his latest address to the media and not in a positive way.

Boras’ client list includes high-level MLB players like; Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Aaron Sanchez, Troy Tulowitzki and many more. Some of those players have signed lucrative contract extensions while a couple are looking to strike it rich including Harper.

The past couple of seasons, MLB free agency hasn’t been too kind to players looking for a guaranteed long-term deal and Boras’ clients have been front and centre like Mike Moustakas, Jake Arrieta and Greg Holland.  Those players had to wait for a deal and what they got wasn’t what the market projected them to get.

Part of the reason is that there are only so many teams willing to make the investment while others don’t believe they’re in a position to contend for a World Series.

The Blue Jays fall into the category of teams not willing to be big spenders in free agency and Boras claims that as a result the team’s attendance and revenue suffered because of it. There is some legitimacy to Boras’ clients when it comes to teams who have been stuck in baseball purgatory like the Miami Marlins.

Here are some reasons why Boras’ comments shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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